A new storm is brewing in struggle over climate change: homeowner’s insurance

I learned that my insurance company was filing for bankruptcy too late on a Friday to do anything about it, so I called my insurance agent first thing the following Monday morning. Her response, delivered politely and compassionately was effectively, “get in line.” She was dealing with the fallout from two other companies that were declaring bankruptcy, and their customers had to be addressed before the end of the month. My company was not canceling policies until the middle of the following month, so I had a little time on my side. 

I am not alone in this insurance debacle; my insurance company was the seventh company to declare bankruptcy in Louisiana this year. While insurance is a complicated industry, with actors that range from individual ratepayers to local regulators and international reinsurance companies, one item stands out in this episode: climate change…

Click to continue reading Dr. Alex Kolker’s article in The Hill

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